Saturday, 24 October 2015


How many friends do you have on Facebook?
You may not know these people, but they are part of your social network. You can ask them for guidance in times of need. But does looking at people's thoughts on paper and what they had for dinner last night make you happy? In one word, No. Interaction makes us happy. We need to belong. At the same time, we need to exist as we want to. We need to evolve more fully and this goes beyond the Internet. We need to feel love. We need to feel respect. We need to know we have achieved something. 
This is perhaps the most frustrating part a lot of my clients have when it comes to defining where they belong. All the apparent freedom involved with the ease of social interaction online takes away from reality. It fragments and truncates while making everyone just another cog in an undefined whole.
The magic is within you, and I can help you find it in order to empower you on the road to optimal empowerment.

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