Saturday, 24 October 2015

Conquer Your Hurdles

 It is often overwhelming when a seemingly tragic situation overtakes us. It does not leave us alone and often takes away our ability to function in our everyday lives.  Often it leads to tragic and dire consequences that  could have been avoided. So many poor, abused, homeless, and unhappy people have had tragedy overtake them to the point they could no longer do what they wished. I have had clients who have had years of therapy that didn't help. There is no complex theory or a set of pills needed in most cases. What is needed is a life plan; and planning for the tragic is a big part of that plan.
I tell clients to treat every event as a hurdle in their life path. Hurdles can be merely goals that are easy to attain or seemingly heavy and overwhelming obstacles. The clearer the vision for your life path, the easier it is to make a plan on properly utilising coping mechanisms appropriate to the situation. Some are easy fixes. A seaside vacation. Meditation camp. An impromptu voyage. Joining a support group. But many situations are very serious and hard to overcome. I advise people to look at death and what may be involved in coping with it. If you can overcome that, then you can overcome anything. Many have learned to see death as a passage. Learning to appreciate life is the embryo to empowerment against death.
This is not to say all will be great right away. But suffice it to say that we are lost without anything or anyone to turn to.

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