Saturday, 23 January 2016

Ted Kouretas on Empowerment and Bullying

It's great being Ted Kouretas,  President and CEO of Optimal Empowerment.  But that's just something everyone is when working alone. It feels great to be able to control your own destiny. And without any experience, I'm authorizing myself as an editorial writer. I feel strongly about everyone being able to excel at whatever they wish.

In order to excel, one needs to be in a position to properly define what it is they need to excel at. To properly do this, one needs to be brought up feeling worthy and loved. This is why I, Ted Kouretas,  am one of the foremost supporters of anti bullying campaigns. This is the worst tragedy of a child's life, we will agree. But what is swept under the rug is the bullying among adults. Although we are free to avoid bullies in our lives, it is more difficult to avoid this in the workplace. It is stress building up from these bullies abusing us that cause burnout. It is the government that supports private enterprises with minimal checks and balances that is also to blame.

There are ways out of this. One is to know your rights. Another is to branch out alone.  There are other solutions in between. Know your power.

Empower yourself.