Saturday, 24 October 2015

Forgive and Heal

People love holding grudges. They love hating other people.
I  can honestly say that I am an eternal empathist.  There's a reason why I was bullied when I was young. It had nothing to do with me. It had nothing to do with the bully's true character. It had to do with his life experience. The bully made my life a living hell when I was young. I went behind him one day and had a stone in my hand ready to bash him behind the head with it. I was actually risking ruining both our lives because I needed immediate gratification. He turned around and looked at my outstretched arm and a fear gripped him. It is then that I saw him as human. I found out some time later his father had been abusive with him. But at that moment, I saw a helpless and pitiful teenager. I threw the rock away and he tried to bully me again. From that moment on, I was immune to bullying.
I later learned to forgive him. This is when all the baggage of having been abused by this child finally started rolling off my body. I was then in a position to choose a proper life path, one which included empowerment against bullying.
No matter how heinous a crime one may have committed against you, forgiveness doesn't make you weak or a loser. It helps you be happy. In the end, the best reason to forgive someone is for your happiness. There is no one more important than you, after all

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